5 Great Gifts for Readers and Writers


I’ve got a birthday coming up (June 17), and when I was in school, my summer birthday bummed me out. Now that I’m older it doesn’t make much of a difference. If anything, it’s better now because people tend to be less busy in the summer, which means that there’s more time to celebrate.

If you’re like me and you have a birthday this summer, people have probably already started asking you what you’d like to receive. Can’t think of anything? I’ve got you covered. Here are five great gifts for readers and writers–most of which are fairly cheap.

1. Vintage Book iDock, Anthropologie, $68

Book iDock from Anthropologie

Photo Credit

2. Light Man, J-List, $16.80


Photo Credit

3. Large Floating Book Shelf, Shop Plasticland, $18


Photo Credit

4. iPhone Book Case, Etsy, $9.99


Photo Credit

5. Olde Book Pillow Classics, ThinkGeek, $17.99


Photo Credit

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for presents you can give to or receive from your friends and loved ones. Full disclosure: I just ordered the Sherlock Holmes book pillow and I’m way too excited about it.

What do you think of these gifts? What others do you think I should add to this list?

P.S. How to Write a Thank You Note.


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