How Daily Writing Can Unleash Your Creativity


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As writers, it’s important to write every day. Understanding this concept is one thing; putting it into practice, another altogether… especially when you’re struggling to come up with new ideas and push forward with your project

So you might be wondering, how do you come up with new ideas every day?

In The Writer’s Idea Book, Jack Heffron writes:

Fact is, there is no magic elixir we can brew to conjure ideas from the air, and though we’ve been told we’re ‘so creative’ since we were sucking on Tinker Toys, we often don’t feel creative at all. Our ideas seem stale. Or we feel stuck, unable to get a pleasing voice on the page. Or we feel blocked on a particular project. If only there were a real center for ideas in Schenectady. Oh, frabjous day—we’d write every morning and evening, pouring forth words of divine beauty.

Heffron makes an excellent observation. Given that there is no “magic elixir we can brew to conjure ideas from the air,” however, what can we do to keep our content fresh and our creativity flowing?

The first step is showing up. Create a routine. Come to your writing space no matter what, and sit down at the same time each and every day. This part is the most difficult. If you can show up every day, you’ve nearly won the battle. Granted, you don’t have to write in your spot, but wouldn’t you feel silly doing anything else?

By writing for a set time in a set location every day, you’re training your mind to be more creative. It’s only natural that you’ll learn to generate new ideas. Try this one little technique and I promise: you’ll start seeing some results.

How do you generate new ideas?

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3 thoughts on “How Daily Writing Can Unleash Your Creativity

  1. Harliqueen

    I sit down and write everyday for 6 days a week, I really think the routine does help. There are so many great writing prompt sites out there for short stuff, or even Pinterest is invaluable for visual inspiration. Great post 🙂

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